Ready or Not?

pam Bartlett Alexander Technique Flowers in sunlight

This photo happened while I was on my way to a workshop in New York City. Part of my commute took me through the flower district in Manhattan, where plants and flowers of all kinds were being brought outside for display. The scent of the hyacinths hit me, then the glow of the backlit flowers […]

What my sleeve taught me about my habits

Pam Bartlett, Alexander Technique Folded clothes on chair

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” ― William Morris I have a plain black jersey-knit sweater that I’ve worn so much, and thrown in the wash so many times that it really should be in tatters. It’s not. At this point, it’s not […]

A moment’s notice

Pamela Bartlett Alexander Technique - greenhouse window

A short blog post for a time of year when life suddenly becomes a lot busier. A few weeks ago, I had a thought that changed my day, and some days since then…. Can I meet this moment with more expansiveness? It’s just a thought. It’s not a requirement to change or do anything except […]

From Fear to Fun

Pam Bartlett, Alexander Technique Kid yelling into microphone

The Alexander Technique helped me transform my fear of talking about the Alexander Technique on the radio. About a year and half ago, my colleague Merlin Wisswaesser and I were invited to be interviewed on a live radio show called Well Talk (shout out to Merlin’s wife, Meg, for suggesting us!). The idea was a […]

Lost and Found in Translation

Pamela Bartlett Alexander technique violinists in orchestra

“Sometimes the best way to learn something is by doing it wrong and looking at what you did.” —Neil Gaiman A while back, I came across a few of the violin method books I used when I was nine and first learning to play. My teacher’s instructions were handwritten across the tops of the pages. […]

“Leap and the net will appear” — John Burroughs

Pam Bartlett, Alexander Technique Leaping Woman with umbrella

I’ve been writing blog posts about the Alexander Technique and not publishing them for several years now. I’m not a natural writer. I work at it. I do get lots of ideas for blog posts; things that I’d like to share with my students and anyone else who might find their way to me. These […]