What People Say

I had a great experience in my 10 Alexander Technique lessons with Pam. the lessons were structured, but flexible enough that we could spend time on my questions and specific concerns. Pam was patient, warm, encouraging and respectful. It was an excellent experience!

Daniel Coyne

I thought the sequence of activities in the workshop was great, and they all built on each other really nicely. Gave me some ideas for teaching!

Lisa S.
Violist, Alexander technique teacher, online workshop participant

This week has been great! I have a lot of information to go home with. Pam is a great teacher!

Flutist and workshop participant

Thanks to the Alexander Technique, everything I do, from playing the viola to moving furniture, requires less effort and produces no pain or stress.

Graduate student

The Alexander Technique was recommended to me by my doctor as being very helpful for people suffering from lower back pain. My sessions with Pam taught me to be aware of my habits of movement, and her calm and professional manner was very reassuring. The Alexander Technique ha helped me find some new ways to visualize a healthier posture.

Digital graphic artist

Pam’s knowledge, desire to help and naturally warm personality create a very comfortable atmosphere for her students. Her on-line programs have been amazingly helpful, especially during the pandemic!  The quality of the “space”  she creates (virtually or in person) enables each individual student to tune deeply into the authority of their own experience, and opens doors to each participants growth and change.  Pam is a wonderful guide and instructor. She holds the highest integrity, and is humble and gracious. She also has a subtle and delightful sense of humor. If you are curious about the Alexander Technique, I definitely recommend reaching out to Pam to see if lessons or a workshop could be a good fit for you.  She is professional, honest, and easy-going.  You will never have to worry about a hard sell from her.

Virginia P.
Healing Touch Practitioner, Artist

I am so thankful for the knowledge and skills that Pam has imparted to me in our years of work together. It has helped me in many ways, and it continues to. I consider her one of the ‘great teachers’ I have gotten to learn from in my life.

Steve Nelson
Singer-songwriter, guitarist

I spent a year & a half going to various doctors due to debilitating lower back & hip pain. Traditional medicine, procedures and drugs did not help me. But after working with Pam and learning the Alexander technique, gradually my body was transformed. In very subtle ways I changed the way I held my body and how I moved. I am forever thankful that I tried Alexander. The Alexander technique has continued to affect my life in very positive ways.

Susan T.

As a musician and a runner, I have found the Alexander Technique to be invaluable.  It has helped me become much more aware of my habits while playing my instruments and running.  Not only has this enabled me to avoid injury, I find that I’m able to relax and enjoy performing and running much more.  I do both more effectively as a result.

George O.
Writer, Musician

Pam’s concepts & teaching style are clear & effective. She created a safe, creative environment to work & play.

John M.
Singer, Vocal Instructor, workshop participant

I worked with Pam back in high school, and have come back to doing lessons recently. I have only found the lessons to be more valuable as they go on. Pam is responsive as new things emerge–injuries, new applications of Alexander, new curiosities–and I often find myself surprised and amazed at the nuggets she leaves me with

Sam C.
Small business owner/musician

I felt immediately at ease and in good hands when I first met with Pam for a session. She has a gentle caring confidence that my body responded to right away. I didn’t realize it would be so deeply relaxing. As someone with high sensitivity, this was such a welcome relief in this overstimulating world. Wow. From there it seems my body is able to relax into new patterns that Pam’s approach helps me to access. I can feel myself stepping into a more relaxed confident place, where the flow zone is possible. I am experiencing how these techniques are powerful tools. One way I describe it is like an easier path to the sometimes elusive zones of mindfulness and flow. I continue to work with Pam so that the re-patterning has a chance to become more accessible to me when it’s needed. I can tell there is so much potential here to be tapped. I know I’m in good hands. So glad I found Pam.

Val Nelson
Business Coach
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