Curiosity Leads the Way

Pamela Bartlett Alexander Technique - cat waiting to pounce

I caught myself in an old familiar pattern the other day; ruminating about all of the reasons why something I was planning might not go as hoped. Then, I remembered that I could see it as an experiment, and suddenly I felt much better. Without the pressure to make “all the right decisions”, I could […]

Anything Can Be a Practice

Pamela Bartlett Alexander Technique - Flowers in a field

Hand-Washing Meditation Almost anything can become a practice that shifts our attention from rushing and worrying to being a little more present. Instead of counting to twenty or singing Happy Birthday, try this… The next time you wash your hands, pause for a moment and remember that you have time. Quiet your thinking a bit. […]

Surviving the Screens

pamela Bartlett Alexander technique - Path in the woods

The glowing screens through which we now regularly communicate are a necessity, a nuisance, and an opportunity all at the same time. It’s impossible to know what this unique and challenging time will bring or how it will be remembered or influence our future lives. One thing that we can do, to a certain extent, […]

Thanks for Then and Now

pamela Bartlett Alexander Technique - Poppies in a field

Last week, a student told me a story about walking in his neighborhood, feeling very free and easeful after his lesson, until he noticed a woman coming out of her house a few doors down. At that point, he felt himself beginning to take on a more closed and protective posture, though she posed no […]

A Stoplight is an Opportunity

Pamela Bartlett Alexander Technique -Traffic lights

You can learn a lot about your driving habits by paying attention to how you feel and what you notice when you stop the car. Here are six things to try while waiting for the light to change: 1. Gently quiet your thinking and bring more of your attention up and out to your surroundings […]

Ready or Not?

pam Bartlett Alexander Technique Flowers in sunlight

This photo happened while I was on my way to a workshop in New York City. Part of my commute took me through the flower district in Manhattan, where plants and flowers of all kinds were being brought outside for display. The scent of the hyacinths hit me, then the glow of the backlit flowers […]