Hand-Washing Meditation

Almost anything can become a practice that shifts our attention from rushing and worrying to being a little more present. Instead of counting to twenty or singing Happy Birthday, try this…

The next time you wash your hands, pause for a moment and remember that you have time. Quiet your thinking a bit. Let your breath flow easily and your neck and jaw be free. If you need to, take an easy bend in your knees in order to reach the faucet. Soften your gaze and bring your attention to what’s happening in front of you, what you see, feel and hear; the way your hands look, the feel of the warm water and soap, the way the sound of the water changes as your hands move through it. Take time to notice your hands’ flexibility, strength and sensitivity as you wash and dry them. Give yourself a moment to notice the texture, temperature and weight of the things you touch.

If you’re a musician, artist, craftsperson, cook, writer, gardener, somatic practitioner, healer, or anyone else who relies on your hands, re-connect with this quality of attention as you begin your work.

Give it a try!

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